Privacy Statement

1. Sutton Valence Music Society is a registered charity (no. 1002000) whose principal object is the public advancement of music through the presentation of concerts and other activities. We hold data on two principal groups of individuals: Members of the Society, and "Supporters" - individuals who are former members, who have attended one or more concerts, or who have otherwise expressed an interest in the Society, and have provided their contact details.

2. The data we hold is limited to email and postal addresses, and for Members telephone numbers and details of their category of membership. The data is held securely and only by appropriate members of the Committee.

3. We use the data to communicate details of the Society's annual programme, advance notice of individual concerts, and information on any other events organised by the Society. Additionally, for Members, we may provide information relating to local musical events arranged by other organisations, and occasionally other local events in which members may be interested. Under no circumstances will the data we hold be shared with these or any other organisations.

4. Membership information is updated annually, and the data for any members who do not renew their subscriptions will be deleted within six months of their subscription expiring. Supporters' details will be reviewed every two years.

5. Individuals may at any time request a copy of the data held in respect of them and this will be provided within four weeks of the date of the request. Supporters may likewise request to be removed from the list and have their data deleted. Members may opt not to receive information on events not organised by the Society. Such requests, or any queries relating to Data Protection issues generally, may be made to any member of the Committee or to

August 2019